Light Lens Lab 35mm f/1.4 "11873" Update

Light Lens Lab 35mm f/1.4 "11873" Update

Hello everyone, 

We continued to provide updates to our upcoming 35mm f/1.4 ASPH “11873”. 

Two working prototypes have completed and assembled, one in aluminum body version, and one in brass body verison. The two lenses are currently under tolerance and optical performance testing.

The lens will be available in the following finish: 

  • Aluminum Black Paint
  • Brass Black Paint
  • Brass Chrome
  • Titanium Grey

Production Photos: 

Optical Block Assembly: 

Light Lens Lab

Lens Hood Mount:

Light Lens Lab 

Lens Body complete Assembly: 

Light Lens Lab

Light Lens LabLight Lens Lab Light Lens LabLight Lens Lab

Brass body weight: 

Light Lens Lab

Brass Body with optical block assembled: 

Light Lens Lab



 Aluminum body in Chrome finish prototype: 

 Aperture Indicator: 

 Aluminum Body Black Paint Prototype: 




Initial sample photos, however we have deemed these result as unsatisfactory due to assembly and tolerance, we are currently undergone further testing in order to improves its rendering performance: Light Lens Lab

 Light Lens Lab

Sample photos on film:

 Light Lens Lab

Sample photos taken on digital camera:

Light Lens LabLight Lens LabLight Lens LabLight Lens LabLight Lens LabLight Lens LabLight Lens LabLight Lens Lab

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Anxiously waiting!

Richard Vogel

This is very exciting news. Please let me know when I can order one.

Simon Gleave J E

I’m incredibly excited about this coming to market. Looking forward to more updates!

Blake Pope

I am so excited about this release, thank you so much for this update! It looks beautiful, keep going team LLL!

Mihai Cioroba

I’m very excited for this, ready to pre-order!


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