Light Lens Lab 50mm f/1.2 ASPH "1966" in Production II

Light Lens Lab 50mm f/1.2 ASPH "1966" in Production II

Hello Everyone!

We continue to provide progress updates on the upcoming 50mm f/1.2 ASPH "1966".

The estimated delivery time for the first pre-order round is Q3/Q4 of 2023.
There will be a second round of pre-orders. Please sign up for notifications for availability dates. The second round of pre-orders will have an estimated delivery date of 2024.

Here are some updates with our progress:

Completed Black Paint Prototype with prototype ND4 filter/Lens Hood:



Failed ND4 filter prototype, the filter showed a difference in coating color between the front and back side. Thus it caused a change in photo's temperature.



 Comparison show between with/without ND filter: 

Light Lens LabLight Lens LabLight Lens LabLight Lens LabLight Lens LabLight Lens Lab

Completed spherical elements waiting for cementing process. ASPH element are in beginning stage of Production.

Brass Body Silver Chrome Finish Prototype:


Light Lens Lab

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Looking forward to try your lens. Because the Leica reissue did not impress me properly. The curvature of the field made it unusable at open aperture, focusing was only possible at the centre point. Hopefully in your version it will be possible .


Please contact me when the product is released.

hyeong nak choi

Is there a place to reserve or sign up for this lens ?


Would like to be notified for when I could pre order please 🙏

Charnwisut Khachondechakul

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