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Light Lens Lab 50mm f/1.2 in Production

Hello Everyone!

Light Lens Lab 50mm f/1.2 ASPH "1966" is currently in production.

The first pre-order's estimated delivery date is August/September of 2023.

There will be a second round of pre-orders. Please sign up for notifications for availability dates. The second round of pre-orders will have an estimated delivery date of 2024.

Production photos and videos:


Raw element going through grinding process:


Lens Element going through centering process:



Spherical Element going through polishing process: 


Cemented element undergoes UV light process:


Manual Blackening of element edges:

Spherical elements undergoes coating process: 




Processed element undergoes ultrasonic cleaning process.


Completed element going through centering inspection:




Titanium Body Prototype:



Aluminum body completed:



Thank you everyone for your support! Please sign up for email notification for availability and  updates! 

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Is there a possibilty to register for a pre-order? I would like the Titanium version.


Hans G. Heuser

Thank you very much for the videos of the lens manufacturing process. Good luck with your projects.

Bernard Wolf

It’s too bad that I know now. I wonder if it is possible to make a reservation.


This is an awesome update, thank you for all the insights into the fabrication process!

Mihai Cioroba

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