Light Lens Lab 50mm f/2 "SP II" In Production

Light Lens Lab 50mm f/2 "SP II" In Production

Hello Everyone!

Light Lens Lab 50mm f/2 "SP II" is now in production. The lens will be available for order after the Chinese New Year.
The lens will be available in Chrome and High-Gloss Black Paint (Available at a later time)

No price has been given as of yet, but the estimate is higher than 50mm f/2 ELCAN but lower than 35mm f/2 Eight Element.

There will be a built-in multicoated UV filter, but the filter is removable.

There will be several changes from the Prototype to the Production Model:

Number Content Prototype Official Production Note:
1 Lens Body Material Aluminum Full Brass Ergonomics, weight. Build quality will have major improvement.
2 Finishes Aluminum Black-Chrome with Black Paint Exterior

High-Gloss Black Paint


Major improvement on paint texture and quality
3 Included lens hood Basic screw-on lens hood Reid-style clip-on lens hood
4 Focus Tab Hand-grind from alloy part Solid Brass, machined and hand-polished. Smoother, and better overall quality.
5 Lens Coating Single, Amber coating Blue Coating, or Green Multi-Coating Closer to Original, improvement in render performance.
6 Lens Label Simple engraving on Aluminum, not accurate on engraving placement  Standardized and accurate engraving placement engraving. better texture with brass body, better formatting
7 Diaphragm Blade 11-blade Same 11-blade for standard and cinema versions in Rigid Body will be 8-blade Different Bokeh Effect


Video of the improved focus tab:


 Reid Style Lens Hood: 

 Improved Lens Coating: 


 Thank you everyone for your support! Have a happy Chinese New Year! 

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Hello, wanting to confirm that there will be a cinema version? as I saw a mention of this in the table, will this be a PL mount?
very exited! thank you

Alfred Tsang

I also saw the video by The Art of Photography.
I am very interested.
Does the colour of the coating on the lens translate to any sort of subtle tint in the pictures and video? I see that the production lens are available with either a blue or green lens coating. While the prototype had an amber coating.
For a lens with the optical qualities of old cinema, if there IS any tint, I think a warm hue would work better. Certainly a little nicely nostalgic – without going to the extreme of sepia. Perhaps a subtle pink rose. Or amber
I would think that these are handmade – so would it be possible to order one with the earlier amber coating?

Richard Grant

I hope you had a happy new year and wish you well for the coming year.
Could you let me know how to pre-order the 50mm f/2 Speed Panchro II please. I have just watched the video on The Art of Photography YouTube channel. The lens looks terrific and would be perfect as a gift for my son who is starting a career as a cinemaphotographer in the UK.
Kind regards.
Michael Kingston

Michael Kingston

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