Light Lens Lab 50mm f/2 "SP II" Update

Light Lens Lab 50mm f/2 "SP II" Update

Hi everyone!

A small batch of eight 50mm f/2 "SP II" lenses were made before the factory going on break during Chinese New Year Holiday. These lenses were sent to initial testers in China!


Announcement on pricing and availability to Western customers will be released after CNY holidays!


Photo/Videos of the production lenses: 


 Sample Photos:

Have a happy Chinese New Year everyone! 恭喜发财!

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When is this beautiful piece going to be released?


This is an amazing development. I use digital , and have LF film and 120 and 35mm film , the Cooke lenses have always intrigued me , and I have desired a resolution to this need for a look , that is warm , human , and natural …what I grew up with in motion pictures. I believe this is 99 % of what I seek , but in a more usable vessel. The M mount is a great option for mirrorless users. I hope to procure a black variant in a brass construction , that will develop a patina with use. LLL , thank you for pursuing these magnificent lenses. Christopher ~

Christopher Miles Loomis

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