Light Lens Lab 50mm F1.2 ASPH in Prototype

Light Lens Lab 50mm F1.2 ASPH in Prototype

Hello Everyone! 

Light Lens Lab 50mm F1.2 ASPH is now in the late prototype stage. So far, three prototype lenses were made.
More refinements are required before going to production.

Available in the following finishes:

  • Black Paint on Aluminum Body
  • Silver Chrome in Brass Body
  • Black Paint in Brass Body
  • Bare Brass
  • Titanium Grey in Titanium Alloy Body

All 50mm F1.2 ASPH will be made by hand, including hand-polishing two aspherical elements.

Sample image:

Test Shot/comparison can be found here:

Comparison to the 1966 Noctilux 50mm 1.2 ASPH: 

 Test Shots:


Test Shot Two:


On film: Portra 160



Thank you all for the support! 

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I am looking for a 50mm f1.2 lens to fit my Leica M6…

Ira Marcus

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