Light Lens Lab 50mm f/2 SPII Now Available

Light Lens Lab 50mm f/2 SPII Now Available

Hello Everyone!

I am pleased to announce the pre-order for the 50mm f/2 "SP II"

  • Recreation of the famous SP II 50mm f/2 Cinema Lens from the 1940s.
  • Full brass body elements are made in-house with lanthanide element infused. Fully compatible with all M-Mount cameras.
  • A removable UV filter is integrated into the lens.
  • Lenses are made by hand and assembled in limited quantities at the highest quality control and tolerance.
  • The purchase is for Pre-Order. Shipping begins on April 2023 chronologically based on the time of order.

Note: Price will increase after the initial pre-order. Other finishes will be announced at a later date.

Note: Please reach out to Popflash Photo for Purchase in the United States. 

    Prototype Reviewed by Bluemoon Camera: Review

    Prototype Reviewed by Macfilos: Review

    * Delivery time may change due to unforeseeable circumstances and delays.



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    Will a preorder be for only the chrome finish?

    Kashif Salahuddin

    The SPII. Does it come with a hood? What type? When do you expect a Black version? What are you thinking the price increase will be by that time?


    Peter Sills

    Can we pre-order the black finish?


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