Light Lens Lab Collapsible Eight Element Product Update

Light Lens Lab Collapsible Eight Element Product Update

Hello Everyone, 

As an innovative product, the 35mm f/2 Collapsible Eight Element received positive reviews on its unique size and performance. As we received feed back from customers, our aim of customer satisfaction is our priority. With popular demand, we announce the release of A42 lens hood for the Collapsible Eight Element.

The E39 clip-on lens hood is designed for the Collapsible Eight Element and other E39 lenses. The Lens Hood features an E43 filter thread. With the introduction of filter thread, the customer may remove the existing built-in UV filter using a lens spanner wrench. The lens hood tightening knob may also use as an aperture indicator. 

The E39 lens hood will be made from Brass and Available in the following finishes: 

  • Chrome
  • Black Paint
  • Nickel Chrome

All future purchase Collapsible Eight Element will also include the lens hood. The lens hood will be sold separately at a later date. Please contact us for more information. 

As we aim to continue with our customer support, all existing customer that have purchased our Collapsible Eight Element are eligible to receive the lens hood free of charge, conditions such as shipping may apply. Please contact us for more information.


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Lens Hood/Filter Thread demonstration: 



Thank you for your continued support of our products! 

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Beautifully made, precision-crafted optical excellence!

Stuart Kendall

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