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Light Lens Lab Behind the Scenes!

Hello Everyone!

Our Company founder, Mr. Zhou has graciously provided some behind the scenes footage of our production! 

Hope you enjoy the video! Thank you for your continued support with Light Lens Lab! 

Photo and videos of are production area: 

Collimator for testing lens at infinity:

Light Lens Lab

Manual fine-polishing of focusing helicoid for a smoother user experience. This applies to all Light Lens Lab Lenses:

 Parts, optical elements and assembled lenses: 

Manual Assembly of our 1.4x Viewfinder Magnifier:

 Optical Elements transferred into production assembly:

Light Lens Lab 35mm f/2 Eight Element failed prototypes in order: Nickel Chrome, early Bare Brass, Copper, current Bare Brass prototype, Titanium grey, and Ceramic White.

 Thank you all for your continued support!

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Thank you for sharing such insights into the LLL work, it’s really cool to see the facilities and some under the hood work. Please keep sharing these kinds of treats :)


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