Light Lens Lab Seagull TLR Upgrade Project

Light Lens Lab Seagull TLR Upgrade Project

Hello everyone!

As the oldest camera manufacturer in China, Shanghai Seagull Camera has been synonymous with Chinese photographic history and pride.

We excitedly announce the development of the Seagull Twin-Lens-Reflex camera upgrade program. The seagull upgrade project will apply to Seagull 4 TLR cameras and their variations.

Upgrade includes:

  • Upgrading the 75mm f/3.5 lens to the 75mm f/3.5 Planar, with the same chemical properties and coating as the original.
  • Refurbished any mechanical gear inside the camera, and the camera will undergo an overhaul process.
  • Remaking any optical components inside the camera.
  • Camera Leatherette will be reskinned to more finishes.
  • The focusing screen will be upgraded to a remake of the Hasselblad/Minolta Acute Matte Screen
  • More upgrades will be announced.


MTF chart for the new 75mm f/3.5:

at f/3.5

At f/5.6:

Optical Elements: 

Acute Matte Screen Development:

Available finishes: 

Upgraded Prototype:


Thank you all for your support! 

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When will this service be available and how much will it cost?


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