Light Lens Lab 50mm f/2 SP II Prototype

Light Lens Lab 50mm f/2 SP II Prototype

Hello Everyone! 

Light Lens Lab 50mm f/2 is now in prototype stage. A recreation of the SP II cinema lens set from the 1920s but with improved full-frame sensor coverage and improved multi-coatings.

The lens will come in several versions:

  • Cinema Body in LTM/M mount
  • Rigid Summicron body in LTM/M mount
  • Collapsible Summicron V1 body in LTM/M mount
  • EF mount
  • Optical block/Cinema housing and in PL mount

  • Price is TBA.

    Available in 2023.

    Here are few sample pictures: 

    Lens in manufacturing process:


    Test Shots:



    Thank you for your support! 


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