About Us

Founded in 2018 by Mr. Zhou in Shangrao, China, Light Lens Lab is dedicated to optical research, development, and manufacturing of high-quality photographic equipment. We develop new methods to recreate legendary optics and reveal their otherwise cost-prohibitive performance and look. Recognized by photographers for optical precision and quality control, Light Lens Lab is an upcoming leader in the manufacturing of optical elements.

About Our Products

Light Lens Lab currently offers exacting reproductions of history's most legendary photographic optics. The designs & processes of the original optics are followed meticulously, our lens elements are carefully crafted right down to the original chemical formulas. Our lenses are made by hand and assembled in-house in small batches to ensure the utmost build quality. 

Our current products, the 35mm f/2 Eight Element and the 50mm f/2 ELCAN, have been praised by Leica Society International reviewers for their high degree of optical performance and build quality.

LSI Viewfinder review on Light Lens Lab 35mm f/2 Eight Element

LSI Viewfinder review on Light Lens Lab 50mm f/2 ELCAN