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Light Lens Lab 1.4x Viewfinder Magnifier

Light Lens Lab 1.4x Viewfinder Magnifier

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  • New and improved viewfinder magnifier compatible with all M bodies.
  • Improvements to the original magnifier include diopter adjustments ranging from +3/-3.
  • Full brass bodies.
  • Hand-made and assembled in limited quantities at the highest quality control and tolerance.

Materials Used

- Magnifier is made from solid brass
- Elements are multicoated to reduce flaring


- Diopter adjustment with +3/-3 adjustment
- Compatible M3/M2/M4/M5/M6/M4-2/M4-P/M6/M7/M8/M9/M240/M10/M11


- Box
- Viewfinder
- Spare Rubber Eyepiece
- Adapter for Various M Cameras


Ships either directly from the factory or Canada

(Note: Shipping may take longer for special edition sets or ship from factory due to logistics and COVID, approximate time: two weeks via DHL/UPS/Fedex. Customer will receive an email if delay occurs)

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