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Light Lens Lab

Light Lens Lab M-L Mount Adapter with Close Focus Helicoid

Light Lens Lab M-L Mount Adapter with Close Focus Helicoid

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For the best possible service for our customers in United States, our products are now only available from our partner Popflash.

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  • Revised design of existing adapters. The built-in focus helicoid manually rotates to decrease the lens's minimal focus distance.  
  • Infinity Locks to ensure more accurate focusing at close focus distance and prevent helicoid from moving when not engaged.
  • Smooth focus helicoid to prevent stoppage at close focus distance.
  • Full brass construction, compatible with all M-mount lenses and L-mount Cameras.
  • Adapters are handmade in brass and assembled in limited quantities under the highest quality control and tolerance. It ensures durability and maximum performance while preventing light leaks. 

Shipping begins late March/April for the initial orders. Supplies will be resume to normal in April. 

Materials Used

- Made from Brass and Aluminum


- Dimensions: 3x10x10mm
- Weight: 98g
- Max extend distance: 3mm


- Box
- Adapter
- 1-Year Light Lens Lab Warranty


Ships either directly from the factory or Canada

(Note: Shipping may take longer for special edition sets or ship from factory due to logistics and COVID, approximate time: two weeks via DHL/UPS/Fedex. Customer will receive an email if delay occurs)

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